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Medicare For All

Healthcare is a human right.
It's as simple as that.

In 2019 more than 14,000 Americans died because they lacked the finanical ability or access to the life saving medical procedures they needed.

Obamacare is Dead.

It was never meant to help you.


      The "Affordable” Care Act was designed by the Heritage Foundation.

A conservative think tank that writes legislation to benefit the people they represent

(the insurance companies.)

The main purpose of the act was to provide a state-managed healthcare system with anindividual mandate in Massachusets for Republican Governor Mit Romney.

This idea of an individual mandate is a primary function of the modern-day Affordable Care act.

Have you wondered why those without healthcare now have to pay a penalty when they file their taxes? That’s because of the individual mandate, it shifts the burden and responsibility of finding affordable healthcare from the employer’s, labor unions, and governments to you the individual. Hence the individual mandate.

At least you have lower cost premiums right?


Since the Affordable care act was established Insurance companies have raised their premiums. Their justification is that they need to cover for the cost of people that will now be using their services more than normal.

(I.e. using health insurance as it was designed to be used)

These higher premiums in tandem with the individual mandate mean that you the individual are now required by law to pay these higher premiums or be forced to pay a fine.
Don’t you feel free?

Medicare for all will change everything listed above.

Medicare for all is known as the “Cadillac Plan”

The plan that covers every individual regardless of pre-existing conditions.
Medicare for all Eliminates Premiums.

Yes, it’s true your taxes may increase.

However, because you’re no longer paying in excess of $500 /month for your premiums you will have more cash on hand to pay for the tax increase.
Also, most families will see this increase covered by their tax deductions.

Still unsure about medicare for all?
Here’s an
article explaining how the plan would save the US money in the long run.

Here’s anarticle from the Mercatus foundation referenced in the link above that shows the real numbers. (Note the Mercatus foundation receives funding from the Heritage Foundation. The same organization that helped craft Romneycare that was renamed to Obamacare.)